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I think this illustrates where the burden of the cost of government lies, and where to concentrate efforts if we want a more equitable and financially secure society. Most retired seniors pay little tax, and seasonal employess collect more EI than they pay in taxes. If we want to improve our lot, then we must increase opportunities for our work force in places where they don't exist, and increase the work force where they do. Those are the taxpayers who make our free society possible. Your "It's the Economy, Stupid!" crusade is on the right track.

And the Costco analogy brings us to the present inflation panic. It seems our government has little or no control over inflation, and it is unlikely they are the principal cause; so how do we accept the inevitable reality of price fluctuations and make hay for the horses of our economy using the grass of inflation? The only answer government has to inflation is rising interest rates and restrictinging the money supply (read slower the economy, increased unemployment,lower wages), so how do we as a region minimize or eliminate the negative impact, and perhaps profit from what could become a recession? How does immigration help or hurt us in that scenario?

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