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Immigrant labor in the building realm is a great idea , I intend to advance the conversation with the manufacturer home builders and related associations! We need to educate students on this career path put trades back in school curriculum and immediately look to immigrants to fill void as we ramp up and educate the next generation of tradesmen and women!

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Every time I read about a new spending plan, my first reaction is, "Where will the money come from?" Human resources are an essential element, but they must be paid for; almost everything boils down to human resources (workers) and money.

I am very disappointed in a government I would like to support because of their stand on other issues, but they seem to be steering a ship without a rudder. We are floating on a rising tide of inflation, deficits and rising taxes rooted in government spending without a public long-term plan.

As you so correctly point out, human resources must be a major item in any plan, but funding must come first. We are headed for a perfect storm of inflation, deficit spending, rising taxes, and consequently rising interest rates...and we are sealing our fate by spending ourselves into a cul de sac. New spending on electric cars, and the battle against climate change is hopefully balanced with carbon tax income, but whose taxes will pay for new programs? Carbon tax is already responsible for a substantial increase in the price of energy, and because energy is a significant component in the cost of everything, an increase in tax is responsible for a significant percentage of the rise in inflation. In fact, all tax increases raise prices. Where are we going with spending and taxing? Our economy appears healthy, but we must be careful, and if we want to avoid backlash, our government must be transparent.

Our politicians could break their unwritten rule and plan past the next election. I would like to see an independent projected cash and worker requirement forecast by sector, out at least ten years and updated every year. No agenda spinners allowed. Publish the report on all social and print media, and explain it clearly and in simple language on talk shows, cable television, and at virtual town halls. The language must be clear enough that the goals and costs can be discussed and understood by a grade six classroom. It should be a realistic and therefore useful planning device for business and people who are contemplating a career. It would help us predict our human resource and public financial needs based on government intentions, and it might help nullify the doom-sayers' dystopian predictions. For example, a 50B$ deficit will increase the federal debt by 5%, and all government debt by 1.7%. According to "Trading Economics," our total government debt is now 118% of our GDP, and U.S. government debt is at 137% of GDP. Inflation for 2022 will likely even out at about 5%, resulting in no change in those percentages. I don't hear economists writing either country off, and I certainly wouldn't bet against Canada.

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