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Something tells me a snide remark under your classification would include any questions one may have about the economic implications of immigration in the Atlantic provinces or beyond. Something tells me your idea of Doing Better involves interpreting the use of abundant immigrant labour to staff the lowest service sector jobs (i.e grocery stores, fast food restaurants, various delivery positions) as uplifting and not necessarily exploitative in it's own right. It seems that redundant, warmed over, moralizing statements like yours here serve to stifle any larger debate about labour markets and what bottomless pools of cheap labour means to employers and prospective employees alike. I don't condone such acts you've described in your piece. Immigrants are just trying to improve their lot in life like anyone else. It's just that I'm not convinced that their ever increasing numbers have a positive affect on the material prospects of everyday working people as you seem to think they do. Diversity in a population doesn't automatically equate economic prosperity, they're just more crabs in the bucket. Who owns the bucket and why do more and more crabs seem to benefit Mr. (or Mrs.) Bucket and not me or them or Us Crabs. What's in it for the crabs, man? Get a grip, stupid!

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